Why Micro Wind Turbines Are a Great Investment

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Why should you educate yourself about micro wind turbines?

In this day and age it is impossible to be ignorant of important global factors that have an influence on our individual lives. The economy and the environment are two such considerations.

We are all aware that the financial system has been in disarray over the last couple of years (or maybe longer); this has led to spiraling costs of household bills and more individuals struggling to make ends meet.

Alternative sources of energy

Today it is rare to be able to watch a news bulletin without mention of global warming; your carbon footprint is partially calculated by the amount of electricity you use and what this is sourced from.

If you want to adopt a lifestyle that is right for these days of change then you should consider installing micro wind turbines on your home.

There are different ways in which we can switch our energy demands to alternative and renewable sources of energy.

Solar power has been the most popular choice for the last decade, but over the past few years there have been developments in wind power  technology that has made this an option worth considering.

wind power generation
Wind power generation, panoramic view.

Micro wind turbines

Micro wind turbines were originally designed for use on yachts and other small maritime craft. The amount of electricity they produced was very small and could only power a few electrical gadgets such as a GPS and satellite phone.

Fast forward to today and the small wind turbines now being sold are vastly more efficient.

wind generator for home
A wind generator for home sits on top of a building here.

Reducing your power bills

Though it may be challenging to power modern gadgets such as fridges and washing machines through the electricity they produce, a micro wind turbine can be a great way to reduce your overall bill.

It is possible to fix up a system where for example the electricity that is created is used to power your security lights or workshop.

Today there are often strict laws that regulate whether or not we can install a wind turbine on our homes. If you live in a built up location then a micro wind turbine may be the only option open to you.

As they are smaller in size you will discover that the costs are very low. It is possible to buy a quality model for as little as $150 or so. Over the space of a couple of years you will be able to recoup any investment.

If you want to do your bit to protect the environmental and be rewarded by having a smaller utility bill, then micro wind turbines might be something for you to consider.

the dancing ladies wind farm
The Dancing Ladies (Vesta wind turbines) - Gigha wind farm, Scotland.
wind power resources
how to make a wind generator

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