Why a Residential Wind Turbine is an Excellent Idea

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Have you noticed that every year the cost of utility bills are rising? Now the days when we have to pay such bills are full of dread and anxiety.

If in these times of economic uncertainty you are desperately searching for a way to minimize your household costs then it may be worthwhile thinking about sourcing your energy requirements from a free and renewable source such as a residential wind turbine.

The residential wind turbine

It is not just money you’ll be saving by switching your electricity to a renewable source; the benefits for the environment cannot be understated. It is impossible not to be aware of the consequences we have on our planet today.

The issue of global warming and climate change is a hot topic. Most utility companies still produce electricity from polluting sources such as coal and gas power plants (although things do seem to be changing quickly!)

By having a wind turbine fitted to your home you will have peace of mind that you are not contributing to environmental degradation.

wind power generation
Wind power generation, panoramic view.

You might think that a residential wind turbine won’t provide you with an adequate amount of power; though this used to be the case today it is very different.

A modern residential wind turbine is a lot more efficient than those that were available even just a few years ago. Now even when the blades are spinning slowly there will still be enough power being created.

Most systems will involve a series of storage batteries in which the electricity is kept after it is produced by the turbine’s dynamo. This allows you to have a source of energy even on a still (low wind) day.

wind generator for home
A wind generator for home sits on top of a building here.

The cost of wind turbines

The costs of wind turbines have come down dramatically in price as they are sold in greater numbers. It may even be possible to receive some kind of government grant or assistance as today many local authorities encourage citizens to implement green practices and designs into their homes and lifestyles.

Maybe you have a property that is off the national power grid. If so then by installing a turbine you will be able to be provided with electricity.

Whether the building is a workshop or an actual residence; being able to have power when previously there was none can make a huge difference to your lifestyle.

Before you plan on putting up a residential wind turbine for your home be sure to check any planning regulations that may govern the installation of such equipment in your locality.

the dancing ladies wind farm
The Dancing Ladies (Vesta wind turbines) - Gigha wind farm, Scotland.
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