Advantages And Disadvantages of Wind Power

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If you are thinking about adopting the newest ‘green’ practices in your home then you should check out the latest options in alternative sources of energy.

You may be aware that these have merits when compared to fossil fuels but what are the exact advantages and disadvantages of wind power?

Any switch to a different energy source is going to involve an initial investment, whether or not this is cost effective and will be sufficient for your requirements will be down to individual factors and constraints.

Advantages to wind power

Perhaps the biggest motivation for opting to install a wind turbine is the fact that it will give you electricity that has been made without adding to the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

Second on most people’s list will be the financial advantages of using wind power. Once you have made the initial purchase then you should be able to have an unlimited free supply of energy; this has the potential to drastically cut back your annual expenditure.

wind power generation
Wind power generation, panoramic view.

There are other factors that make exploring the advantages and disadvantages of wind power a good idea. They are very simple to operate; you will find that they require very little maintenance too.

Just check for any damage after a strong storm! Also, as they come in various sizes and designs you can choose the option that best fits your need; for example you may want to use wind for all your electrical requirements or just to use in combination with that which is delivered from a utility company.

wind generator for home
A wind generator for home sits on top of a building here.

Disadvantages of wind power

It has to be said that there are a few negatives that are often associated with wind power. The most obvious is the reliability factor. It is not every day that the wind blows. If there is a prolonged period where the breeze is below a minimum level then no power will be generated.

There are people that say wind turbines are ugly or an eyesore. Though this is down to personal tastes it can become an issue in certain neighborhoods.

Depending on the frequency of windy days the cost effectiveness of turbines is going to vary. You would not want to spend a few thousand on a top of the range option only to have it produce a trickle of electric.

As you can see, there are many advantages and disadvantages of wind power but a couple of the factors that often make wind turbines be seen in a bad light are the sounds that they make and the effect that they can have on migratory birds.

the dancing ladies wind farm
The Dancing Ladies (Vesta wind turbines) - Gigha wind farm, Scotland.
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