Curious About How to Make a Wind Generator?

Want to learn how to make a wind generator for home, for your RV or caravan, DIY (do-it-yourself), off-grid living, or just for school, fun or study?

You can always purchase one of the many wind generator kits available as well, if you don't want to actually build it yourself!

To help you out, our site has a few different sections:

  • wind generator kit reviews
  • our wind power blog archives
  • other random bits and bods

More in-depth reviews & helpful tools will be ready soon.

how to make wind generator
Always nice to see wind generators holding hands!

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Here’s some of our most popular articles to get you started:

Wind turbine generator

The Pros and Cons of Wind Power

A big advantage of wind energy is that it produces electricity without air and water pollution. Also, unlike many other power generation systems, wind power generation doesn’t produce greenhouse gases. Apart from these benefits, there are unique economic and environmental benefits also.

pros and cons of wind power

About us...

how to make a wind generator

I’m Martin Hurley - the friendliest and most helpful person in the wind generator field! (That’s me on an early electric bike, way back in 2010 - note the size of the rear wheel!)

I write posts and reviews about wind power, green energy, wind turbine kits, wind energy tools, tech and way more.

Depending where you live, one day I’m sure there’ll be wind generators built into our homes, our vehicles and on every street corner - and they’ll be fantastically efficient!

When you run a website like this, you start learning the ins and outs about wind power and wind turbines and generator kits (etc) rather quickly!

With that said, I hope I can make your buying experience easier and smoother with some of the comprehensive reviews we (plan) to have on this site.

Feel free to contact me anytime too, for any questions you have!

Our goals for this website...

Our goal is to create a collection of the best wind power tools and tech currently available to help you save time when buying. Whether you need a simple wind generator kit or a 400W 12v wind turbine generator with a hybrid charge controller (!) I make it easy by telling you the best one to get.

We're in the process of updating our How to Make a Wind Generator blog (even though it's been around for years!) so stay tuned for more cool wind power reviews, kit research and DIY posts!